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Ezra Cohen, McGill Grad to Rising Entrepreneur

Ezra Cohen, McGill University graduate and healthy snack food aficionado, is proud to introduce his new line of expertly crafted, satisfyingly delicious nut butters.

Ezra Cohen Montreal started with a basic vision: create delicious nut butters and zalsas that only taste like you should feel guilty about eating them. As a new company, Ezra Cohen Montreal is looking to push boundaries when it comes to healthy snacking and introduce new ways to do your body good without sacrificing on taste or quality.


Premier Nut Butters from Ezra Cohen Montreal

Ezra Cohen’s story starts, like so many others do, with a realization that there was a big opportunity to do things better than they were already being done. As a former sales representative for Bassé Nuts, Cohen was able to learn the ins and outs of creating exceptional spreads, and along the way, he also learned that there was a desire for decadent nut and zalsas spreads that satisfied cravings without compromising health goals. And so he set out to create his own line of health-forward nut butters and zalsas that delivered on taste, texture, and wholesome, natural ingredients.

But first, there was a bit more to learn. At school, Ezra Cohen, McGill student, focused his studies on learning everything he could about building and running a business. After all, creating a perfect product is only half the battle when it comes to spreading your vision. At McGill, Cohen honed in on his business skills and further developed the entrepreneurial spirit that has guided Ezra Cohen Montreal every step of the way. He also developed his skills working with people on the front line, with community services efforts that taught him more about what individuals and families are looking for in their snacks and meals, and further, how going the extra mile is always worth it when it comes to making a difference in how people experience the world around them.

By combining his passions for business, health, and food, Cohen has followed the path that brought him to this point, and the future is looking bright. Ezra Cohen Montreal spreads are, above all, a labor of love. They’re designed to fulfill desires for the sweet and salty goodness of life while also exemplifying the very best of what healthy food can be. With ingenuity and a dedication to showing off what we’re capable of, Ezra Cohen Montreal is looking forward to changing the game and bringing better nut butters and Zalsas products to grocery store shelves.



Community always comes first. From an early age, Ezra Cohen has been using his forward-thinking spirit to better the lives of those around him. From helping fight poverty in Montreal to organizing holiday gift baskets for families in need, Cohen’s commitment to making the world a better place started early and continues today.


First Hands on
in the Industry

It was through working for Bassé Nuts that Ezra Cohen first identified a need in the food market for better nut butters that exemplify the general shift toward healthier living. Hands on experience showed him how to create nut butters that met all the needs of the developing market, and Cohen established the skills that have led to the creation of Ezra Cohen Montreal.



Success starts with education. Ezra Cohen, McGill University graduate with a major in economics, used his time in school to learn the ins and outs of what makes a successful business. Today, he credits education as much as direct experience with helping him accomplish his dreams.


Launch of the
Product Line

And so it begins. 2018 saw the first Ezra Cohen Montreal product prototype introduced into the market and the first discussions with North American retailers to bring the products onto grocery store shelves. The future looks bright from here, and we’re excited to see just how far we can go.


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