Ezra Cohen, Founder of Ezra Cohen Montreal

Ezra Cohen Founder Ezra Cohen Montreal

What do you get when you combine a love for snack food with a drive for more health-conscious options? Innovative products that make it easy to fill your day with the good stuff. And it all started with Ezra Cohen, founder of Ezra Cohen Montreal.

Ezra Cohen, McGill University graduate and the leading force behind Ezra Cohen Montreal, always saw a future for himself in healthy snack food. Long before Ezra Cohen Montreal spreads hit the shelves, Ezra immersed himself in the world of snacking with a stint at Basse Nuts. There, he picked up a few tricks about how to create products that resonate with today’s health-driven shoppers, as well as a constant reminder that the best food is food created with love. Ezra was inspired by his family as well, who instilled in him from a young age that the most worthwhile endeavors are those that make life better for other people. All of these experiences led Ezra to where he is today: churning out fantastic nut butters and zalsas that bring a smile to peoples’ faces and take the guesswork out of wholesome eating.

“Healthier eating is a right, not a luxury.” 
– Ezra Cohen

Curious. Health-Conscious. Entrepreneur.

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The Path to Success

It’s often said that opportunities don’t happen on their own—they have to be created with a purpose. And such has been the history of Ezra Cohen Montreal. Ezra’s first taste of creating opportunities started with his own community, where he worked with various non-profit organizations to support the needs of Montreal residents. From there, Ezra entered the workforce with a skill-boosting job at Basse Nuts, and followed that up with a degree in economics at McGill. For Ezra Cohen, McGill University was the final stepping stone to realizing his dreams, and Ezra Cohen Montreal was born just one year after he graduated.

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Heralding Higher Standards

Ezra Cohen has worked hard to instill his own values across the Ezra Cohen Montreal brand, including a commitment to quality that ensures consumers get nut butters and zalsas that go beyond their expectations.

You’ll find all of the things that Ezra loves about nut butters included in our products, from expertly balanced flavors to a creamy texture that makes Ezra Cohen Montreal nut butters ideal for baking, blending, spreading, and eating right off the spoon.

It’s proof that passion can make all the difference.

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Ezra Cohen in the Dessert

About Ezra Cohen

Ezra Cohen, McGill University graduate, knew he was on to something when he started experimenting with and creating his own nut butters and zalsas. As a former sales representative for Bassé Nuts, Cohen learned firsthand what makes exceptional spreads, and he used this experience to grow his business and put his own mark on the industry. Today, he is one of Montreal’s leading young entrepreneurs, creating unique and healthy spreads that embody his own approach to wellness. The nut butter line from Ezra Cohen Montreal is about more than just snacking. It’s about showing that good-for-you foods can taste exceptional, and that organic, all-natural ingredients don’t have to be hard to come by. Taste the difference, and discover why Ezra Cohen Montreal is quickly becoming a beloved brand among nut butter aficionados.



Community always comes first. From an early age, Ezra Cohen has been using his forward-thinking spirit to better the lives of those around him. From helping fight poverty in Montreal to organizing holiday gift baskets for families in need, Cohen’s commitment to making the world a better place started early and continues today.


First Hands on
in the Industry

It was through working for Bassé Nuts that Ezra Cohen first identified a need in the food market for better nut butters that exemplify the general shift toward healthier living. Hands on experience showed him how to create nut butters that met all the needs of the developing market, and Cohen established the skills that have led to the creation of Ezra Cohen Montreal.



Success starts with education. Ezra Cohen, McGill University graduate with a major in economics, used his time in school to learn the ins and outs of what makes a successful business. Today, he credits education as much as direct experience with helping him accomplish his dreams.


Launch of the
Product Line

And so it begins. 2018 saw the first Ezra Cohen Montreal product prototype introduced into the market and the first discussions with North American retailers to bring the products onto grocery store shelves. The future looks bright from here, and we’re excited to see just how far we can go.


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